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Mata Shoes, Portugal

Welche Produkte hergestellt werden: Shoes


Portugal, São Vicente de Pereira





Production capacity

700 pairs a day

About this factory

Mata holds a special place within our company, not just because of their incredible craftsmanship in shoes but also because they are one of our oldest suppliers. We have always looked for partners that shared the same believes when it comes to quality but having found a company that believed in us when we just started off meant an incredible lot to us.

How it started

Established in 1988 the founding of Mata was a result of many years of expertise finally finding its way into a small factory. With the help of 80 collaborators, the factory soon made name for itself because of their strong philosophy about price vs quality. Their standard is incredibly high, yet they also believe in a fair price for a product.

It is this belief we share but it does not end there, Mata does not overproduce and will always keep a maximum to what they do. Speaking to the owner Mr Rui we, on many occasions, asked him if he does not want to expand and grow bigger. But his answer is simple; “I believe in quality but also that I’m taking care of, and have responsibility for 85 families in this region, it is easy to grow bigger but it is a lot harder to stay that way. I strongly believe that staying small and focusing on quality over quantity is the key to our success.”

What they do

These days Mata produces a wide range of shoes for some of the leading fashion brands in the world. Sneakers made from the softest leather with high-quality soles but also boots and other worked out shoes with fine detailing. It requires an incredible amount of patience and an eye for detail that only few manufacturers really have, so we are proud to say that our No Label collection is made with so much passion by the skilled people of Mata.

"We share the same believes when it comes to quality and people."

"I strongly believe that staying small and focusing on quality over quantity is the key to our success."

There is always a smile in Portugal.

Our factory in Portugal


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