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Formens Romania

What products are made: Pants, Jackets and Overshirts, Outerwear


Romania, Formens





Production capacity

1400 pieces a day

About this factory

In our pursuit for quality we ended up in the town of Botoșani. Close to the Ukrainian and Moldavian border, deep into the North-East part of Romania we found one of our favourite factories. Established in 1999 and in a region with a long history of craftsmanship the Formens company now has factories in 7 countries around the world.

How it started

We found out that the people of Botoșani have an incredible story to tell when it comes to clothing. After a long history of craftsmanship in this particular part of Romania an abrupt end came when all the state-owned factories were closed down after the revolution in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Tens of thousands of people losing their jobs overnight leading the town into crisis.

The story turns when years later two French engineers travel to Botoșani and saw a town with incredibly skilled people but without any work to be given. They started to build new production lines, and with that came a new opportunity for the people of Botoșani. The combination of French and Romanian know how, became a company that stands for quality and people.

What they do

Formens is known for a wide variety of garments. Their expertise stretches from casual chinos to made-to-measure suits. At No Label, we use the full spectrum and we are big fans of their constant quest on innovation, whether it’s new functional fabrics or just a better and more efficient way of making the garments, we believe Formens shares the same passion and believes all the way.

"French and Romanian knowhow results in products full of innovation and craftsmanship."

"To us, Romania is a combination of highly skilled expertise and incredible friendliness."

Our factory in Romania


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