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Lieferung in 1-3 Werktagen

Versand am nächsten Tag, sobald die Bestellung unser Lager verlässt

Versandkostenfrei ab einem Einkaufswert von €100 in NL/DE/BE

Kostenfreies Rückgaberecht von 30 Tagen in NL/BE/DE

Black Friday

We have to admit, we love the rush and excitement Black Friday brings. Our website traffic going through the roof, the number of packages being sent out of our warehouse, and of course the happiness of our customers that found a really good bang for a buck.

But after the storm has settled and we look at the result, we have to conclude that Black Friday is not a blessing in disguise. Now, of course, we can tell you that we are able to better predict demand and we could also tell you that we are doing so well that there’s simply no overstock, but the truth is; we had a change of perspective

We want to stay true to our mission in offering our customers a product of incredible quality, and we are working hard every day to offer that quality at the best price out there. 

Therefore we do not have the same mark-ups as traditional retailers and brands, and this is something we all equally benefit from. Not just the people working at NOLABEL, but also the people in our factories, our suppliers and most importantly, you, as a customer. 

So as much as we loved it in the past, it is time to say; NOTHANKS to Black Friday.

Ruben FustManaging Director

The true cost of our products is simply your right to know. So this year it’s Black just Friday

true cost


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