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Corporate Clothing Kept Simple

What we do

In every aspect of our business, whether it’s the big picture or the smallest detail, we try to achieve the extraordinary. A perfect basic collection of high-quality pieces at sensible prices, an independent distribution straight from the source. This is the NO LABEL corporate clothing program.

How we work

We simplify everything by creating our own designs, aiming for functional garments that can be easily combined and worn by your employees without any hassle or thoughts.

Our in-house design team is also able to make your company outfit just the way you want it, we simply advise you on the do’s and don'ts making sure the end product will meet your expectations.

Our service

From finding the style that matches your company profile, product development and all the way to an easy try-and-fit process for your employees. We are with you all the way making sure you have more time to do what you do best.

The process is easy; we visit you or, if you would like to have a look behind the curtains, you are more than welcome to meet our experts in our design lab. We’ll guide you through the process of design into production and all the logistics hereafter.

Meet up and get measured

We will facilitate the try-on process for all your staff members, all you have to tell us is where you would like to meet. In your office, perhaps at your retail locations or in one of our 3 easily located stores in the Netherlands. No matter the size of your company, our experts will meet you wherever is most convenient.  

Corporate - Image 2
Corporate - Image 3

Know your factories

We believe we’re all in this together. Your products are not just made somewhere in the world by a third party. Your products are made with care and craftsmanship. Together we strive for the most environmentally friendly way of manufacturing and making sure that sustainability is not just a word. We truly want to make an impact by offering essentials for your company and making sure it lasts, both in quality and design.

We buy straight from the source. No middleman focused on the best smart casual clothes in NL.

Our Cost breakdown

Harvey Merino Wool
Pants Jersey Cotton
Heavy Twill Cotton Stretch
Oscar Overshirt Heavy Twill
Boot Leather

How we calculate our costs

We do not mark up our prices as much as traditional market

  • Material
    € 11.90
  • Labor
    € 10.00
  • Transport
    € 1.00
  • Duties
    € 0.00
  • Hardware
    € 0.50
  • True costs
    € 26.46

  • Our price vs. traditional retailers

    We do not mark up our prices as much as the traditional market

    € 79.00


    Markup 3x

    No Label

    € 190.00


    Markup 7.2x

    Traditional price


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